Where’s My Refund 2023? Track your IRS Tax Return Status!

Where’s My Refund? toll can be accessed at https://www.irs.gov/refunds/. Using this webportal an e-filer can check the IRS Tax Return status. Window for filing refunds electronically was activated on 23 January 2023. Last date to file a tax refund electronically or on paper is 16 October 2023. Those who recently filed a refund for the 2022 tax year can check the return status using this tool. 

Where’s My Refund 2023?

Taxpayer, who filed for 2022 tax year refund can track it’s status by visiting the official website of the Internal Revenue Service, an individual need to know that to check the tax return status it is mandatory to have Social Security Number and other required details, one need to know that after filing for return electronically it takes 24 hours to check the status, one who filed return on paper, he/she has to wait at least 60 days to check the refund status using the Where’s My Refund? toll.

As per information available on the official website of the Internal Revenue Service, 9 out of 10 tax returns are issued within 21 days which are filed electronically. You must know that incase of filing for tax on paper, it takes even more than 6 months to receive it. There are two ways to get the tax return, first is via direct deposit and second through the check, incase of choosing the first option, an individual can get a tax refund 4 to 5 days earlier than opting via check.

IRS Tax Return Status

IRS Tax return delay

Federal Tax Refund Status

Other than Where’s My Refund? toll, there is a mobile application named IRS2Go, using which an individual can also check the refund status. To check the tax return status, the credentials are required, which are mandatory to have while using the web-based tool. There are three stages of getting federal tax return via direct deposit or check, you need to know that after filing for return electronically, application are proceed in 5 to 7 days and then it takes time of upto 10 days to get accepted, one the refund is accepted the direct deposit is released in within a week and check are delivered in 8 to 10 days.

Where's My Refund 2023

How to track refund status using Where’s My Refund 2023?

To check the tax refund status using the Where’s My Refund 2023? tool, you have to go through the step-by-step instructions below.

1). Go to webportal of the Internal Revenue Service, which is accessible at https://www.irs.gov/.

2). You need to find an option for Where’s My Refund 2023? under the section of the Tools & Application. 

3). At the end, you have to enter required details such as SSN, Tax Year, Amount, etc, and then tap on the Submit button.

If you are using a mobile device, then you can download the IRS2Go application from Play Store or App Store for your android or iOs device, respectively.

How to e-file an IRS Tax Return for free?

There are two third party web portals i.e. Guided Tax Preparation and Free File Fillable Forms, which be used to file return easily, an individual, whose Adjusted Gross Income is equal to or below $73,000 can use the first toll, because it is totally free to use, an individual who AGI is above $73,000, he/she can use the 2nd tool. You need to know that to file for tax return, an individual will have to provide basis details such as Last year’s tax return copy , Social Security Number of taxpayers and his wife, etc.

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