Toyota HyRyder Price, Mileage, Specs, Features

One of the most praised and well-liked models from the Toyota brand is the Urban Cruiser HyRyder. Customers can choose from a variety of models with prices ranging from Rs. 10.48 Lakh to Rs. 18.99 Lakh. It generates 122Nm and 91bhp. A 59kW (around 80 bhp)/141Nm electric motor is connected to the engine and is powered by a lithium-ion battery pack. Additionally, the system would always start in EV mode upon starting up.

  • Hybrid power system
  • a large, nicely equipped cabin
  • increased fuel efficiency
  • good performance and driveability

Toyota HyRyder

Toyota wants to make the technology available to everyone at an affordable price. Its partnership with Maruti Suzuki has opened doors, and following a few cross-badged vehicles, the Urban Cruiser Hyryder is the first really jointly designed product from the two industry titans.

For those who don’t know, this isn’t just the new Urban Cruiser, which is just a Vitara Brezza with a different name. The revived Maruti Grand Vitara would be its co-developed brethren. It generates 122Nm and 91bhp. A 59kW (around 80 bhp)/141Nm electric motor is connected to the engine and is powered by a lithium-ion battery pack. The system generates 115 hp in total. Additionally, the system would always start in EV mode upon starting up.

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Toyota Urban Cruiser Hyryder Specifications

Price Rs. 10.48 Lakh to Rs. 18.99 Lakh
Mileage (ARAI) 27.97 kmpl
Engine 1490 cc
Fuel Type Hybrid (Electric + Petrol)
Transmission Automatic (CVT)
Seating Capacity 5 Seater

Toyota HyRyder Performance

A 1.5-liter engine with THS powers the self-charging strong-hybrid electric version of the car (Toyota Hybrid System). An e-drive transmission is paired with this engine. While the electric motor produces 79 hp and 141 Nm of torque, the gasoline engine delivers 91 hp and 122 Nm. The robust hybrid variant generates 114 hp when combined.

The self-charging strong-hybrid electric version’s distinctive features include the ability to operate in pure EV mode, improved fuel efficiency, low pollution levels, no need for external charging, responsive power, and a quieter drive.

Peak Speed In its sportiest ‘Power’ mode, Toyota HyRyder, which generates 116hp combined in hybrid mode, can reach 100 kilometres per hour in 12.10 seconds, matching the time required by the Kia Seltos’ 1.5-liter petrol IVT with 115hp. The performance is very similar in other modes, such as “Normal” and “Eco,” and the sprint is completed in 13.10 and 13.35 seconds, respectively.

 The 1.5-liter Suzuki K-series engine in the Neo Drive model, however, features Integrated Starter Generator (ISG) technology and produces 101 hp and 135 pound-feet of torque. Both a six-speed automatic and a five-speed manual transmission will be available for this engine. It’s interesting that the only all-wheel-drive option for this engine is available.

Toyota hyryder Hybrid

Hybrid Mode

An electronic brain then decides whether to switch between the electric motor and the gasoline engine. This typically occurs when the system is under additional load or when the battery percentage—which is not indicated—declines.

Like in every other powerful hybrid, there is also a power flow indication on the infotainment/MID/HUD. Despite having only three cylinders, the engine isn’t vibrational when it’s running.

 Now that it enters the scene following the silent EV mode, it seems somewhat noisier than it actually is. When pushed hard, it does get vocal, though. Additionally, the CVT automatic with which it is mated performs flawlessly in normal driving situations. Additionally, the regen mechanism begins charging the battery right away when the vehicle slows down.

Toyota hyryder

Urban Cruiser HyRyder Exterior

Although Toyota HyRyder’s profile is identical to that of its Maruti twin, Toyota has done well to distinguish its SUV with distinctive design elements like the dual DRLs and the black grille panel with a carbon fibre pattern and elegant chrome treatment. Along with having chrome surrounds, the LED headlamps flank the massive air dam, which is highlighted by a dark grey chin.

 Toyota HyRyder has broad 17-inch dual-tone alloy wheels on its side profiles, and it has slender LED taillamps at the back. For further toughness, it has body coating all around and skid plates at the front and back.

The Toyota Urban Cruiser Hyryder G Hybrid comes in 11 colours and has an automatic (CVT) transmission:

  • Midnight Black
  • Cave Black
  • Speedy Blue
  • Speedy Blue with Midnight Black
  • Gaming Grey
  • Enticing Silver
  • Enticing Silver with Midnight Black
  • Sporting Red
  • Sporting Red with Midnight Black
  • Cafe White
  • Cafe White with Midnight Black

Toyota hyryder interior

Toyota HyRyder Interior

The Toyota HyRyder had an all-black interior motif, with the exception of a light grey roof liner, brown leather on the dashboard, door panels, and upholstery of the front seat.

The cabin offers a good amount of space, and the outside vision is very good. It’s not too difficult to find a comfortable driving position, and the front seats are very comfortable. Additionally, the back seats are comfortable, with good head and knee room.

You can modify the rear bench to your preferred level of comfort by reclining it. The spacious dual-pane sunroof makes the inside feel quite airy. On the K15C mild-hybrid variations, the boot is larger, but on the strong hybrid variants, it is significantly smaller.

The front part and the doors are additionally accented with brushed satin silver components, which give the interior a luxury appearance overall. The front seats are cozy and even have ventilation capabilities, which appears to be a feature that most modern cars have.

Toyota HyRyder Special Featuures

Toyota HyRyder has a tonne of characteristics, including

  • nine-inch touchscreen for entertainment
  • air-conditioned front seats
  • Syncing between smartphones and smartwatches
  • low-key lighting
  • a paddle shift
  • an in-cabin display
  • telephone charger wireless
  • a large sunroof

In its safety equipment, it has up to

  • airbags six
  • EBD and ABS
  • Tyre Pressure monitoring System (TPMS)
  • stability control for vehicles (VSC)
  • disc brakes on each wheel
  • a 360 degree camera.

Toyota Urban Cruiser Hyryder Variants

The S, G, and V trims of the Toyota HyRyder are the three variations that come with the powerful hybrid drivetrain. Except for the absence of a few decorative features and a few technological features in the S trim, there aren’t many differences between the three models.

A flexible handler, the Toyota Urban Cruiser Hyryder. At city speeds, the steering is relatively light, but it feels OK at higher speeds. hardly provides any input. Even the handling characteristics are more geared toward comfort and lack any sort of sportiness. The Toyota HyRyder is a combination of all round. Being a Toyota, service also is probably going to be excellent.

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