Ram Setu OTT Release Date, Time ‘राम सेतु’ on OTT Platform Rights

Ram Setu OTT Release Date – All the fans have been waiting for the release of Akshay Kumar’s another movie after so long that is Ram Setu because the it is expected that the star Akshay Kumar comes out in a new role from his previous ones and his movies are expected to be a massive hit in the big screens. The movie Ram Setu has been released on the big screens on 25th October 2022. The movie has not been liked by most of the fans so, it has very mixed reviews. Some fans have liked the movie and some have said that it has not met the expectations set up by Mr. Akshay Kumar.

Ram Setu OTT Release Date

Some fans who could not make it to watch the movies on the big screen are now waiting for the movie to be release on OTT Platform. In this article we are going to discuss about the movie Ram Setu’s OTT Release Date and also the platform on which the movie will be released. The fans also stated that the movie Ram Setu and Karthikey-2 had a very similar kind of plot but the only turn existed was that Karthikey-2 had a very adventurous genre whereas the movie Ram Setu lays more emphasis on the Politics and religion.

Since the movie was about fight between history versus mythology along with science versus fiction. The fans also mentioned that they expected some scenes in the story after knowing the movie’s name but were very disappointed because the expectations were not fulfilled. Some fans also said that the emotion connected with the title of the movie could not be delivered as the way it was expected. However, some fans gave positive reviews by stating that 2nd half of the movie was quite impressive and story did not go off its track.

Ramsetu OTT Release Date 2022

The OTT rights of this movie have currently not been signed by platform but it has been expected that the OTT rights will be given to Amazon Prime. So, all the fans who are waiting for the movie to be released on OTT platform have to wait because the official release date or any platform has not been decided by the producers of the movie but it has been expected that movie could be released on OTT Platform in the last week of November 2022 depending upon the reactions of fans about the movie in theatres because the movie which perform well in theatre takes time to be released on OTT.

Name of the Movie Ram Setu
Genre Action adventure
Main Language Hindi
Release Date 25th October 2022
OTT Platform Not Officially Announced Yet (Expected to be released on Amazon Prime)
OTT Platform Release Date Ramsetu on OTT
Star Cast (starring) Akshay Kumar

Jacqueline Fernandez

Nushrratt Bharucha

Satyadev Kancharana

Directed By Abhishek Sharma
Written By Abhishek Sharma
Produced By Aruna Bhatia and Vikram Malhotra
Box office Collection on Opening Day Rs. 15 Crore
Run Time 143 Minutes
Budget Rs. 150 Crore

Many fans have already watched the movie in the theatres and some of the fans are waiting for the movie to be released on the OTT Platform because of the network and technology, many people avoid going to the theatre and want to watch the movie at their homes on the OTT platform.

Ram Setu on OTT Date

The main plot of the movie Ram Setu is about an aesthetic archeologist who a strong believer of science to reach any conclusion. As a person who believes that science is everything, challenges to the very existence of God. The movie begins with the court hearing where Akshay Kumar who is playing the role of an aesthetic archeologist challenges the existence of Ramayana. Also, a businessman who wants the archeologist to prove that the Ram Setu existed even before the Ramayana.

Ram Setu OTT Release Date 2022
Ram Setu OTT Release Date 2022

So that Ram setu is recognized as a self-made natural structure which has no connection with Ramayana and hence can be remade into a route to earn profits. So, the movie is all about what happens with the aesthetic archeologist during he is out for his research and also about how he saves the iconic Ram Setu.

Ram Setu on Amazon Prime Video

The movie written and directed by Abhishek Sharma who has also given many blockbusters of Bollywood movies like the shaukeens, and Parmanu: the story of Pokhran. The movie has been produced by Aruna Bhatia and Vikram Malhotra. The music of the movie has been given by Ajay-Atul, Vikram Montrose, Ved Sharma, Dr. Zeus, Neeti Mohan, Raja Hasan and we get to hear an amazing 29-minute 38-second soundtrack composed by their amazing vocals. The cinematography was amazingly carried out by Mr. Aseem Mishra. The movie has been edited and brought on the big screen by Mr. Rameshwar s. Bhagat.

The movie released by keeping in mind the trade profit it could have earned due the festive season holidays. Hence released on the big screen the next day of Diwali. The movie managed to earn a good profit at the box office collection. The film was able to make more than 15 crores on the opening day and around 10 crores on the 2nd day.

राम सेतु ओटीटी पर कब आएगी?

The roles played by the many talented actors of Bollywood. Here is the list of all the star cast along with their roles in the movie:

  • Akshay Kumar as aesthetic archeologist (Dr. Aryan Kulshrestha)
  • Jacqueline Fernandez as Dr. Sandra Rebello
  • Nushrratt bharuccha as Professor Gayatri Kulshrestha, Aryan’s wife
  • Satyadev Kancharana as Anjaneyan Pushpakumaran

The OTT rights of this movie have currently not signed by platform. So, all the fans who waiting for the movie released on OTT platform have to wait. Because the official release date or any platform not decided by the producers of the movie. But it expected that movie could released on OTT Platform in the last week of November 2022. It depends upon the reactions of fans to the movie in theatres. Because the movie which performs well in theatre takes time to release on OTT.

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