Kerala Piravi Day 2022 Wishes, Images, Rituals & Significance

During Kerala Piravi Day, three provinces are unified into one state after Kerala became an independent state. This win is celebrated on 1st November 2022. A combination of the words “Kera” and “Alam” is believed to have given rise to the word Kerala. It means Land of Coconut Trees because Kera means coconut and Alam is land. The word “Piravi” literally means “birth” in the Malayalam language.

Kerala Piravi Day

Kerala Piravi was the name given to the southern Indian state of Kerala at its birth. Every year on November 1st, Kerala Piravi Day or Kerala Piravi is celebrated to mark the anniversary of Kerala becoming an independent state in 1956. Kerala was split into four areas before that: South Canara, Malabar, Cochin, and Travancore.

The purpose of Kerala Day is to commemorate the union of the three provinces and several outlying areas under the rule of various rulers. It is a day when people celebrate their culture, rich history, and Malayalam heritage with a variety of festivities and celebrations. Take time to learn about the history and rituals of Kerala Piravi to observe the day with a sense of awe. Discover the history, significance, rituals of Kerala Piravi 2022 below.

Kerala Piravi Day Wishes

To celebrate the land of love, culture, and heritage here I have gathered some heartful Kerala Piravi wishes to make the day even more beautiful

  • Kerala is a land surrounded by flawless and dazzling shorelines. It is a land charmed by extraordinary art. It is a land favored by the unstoppable force of life. A very happy and cheerful Kerala Piravi!

Kerala Piravi Wishes

  • There is nothing like going to God’s own nation, Kerala, and finding delicious food, a smiling sun, and well-disposed people. It is an experience to remember forever. It is the land known as God’s own nation.
  • A day to celebrate Kerala Piravi channel system, supporting and flavoring estates, the home of Vallam Kali, Pazham pori, Sadhya, Mundu, Kalarippayattu, and beef biryani!
  • My warmest wishes go out to Kerala Piravi! For the people of Kerala and for the country, this is an extraordinary day. I hope that this state and its kin will continue to drive the country towards formative greatness.

Kerala Piravi Quotes

  • We are delighted to have you here, Kerala Piravi! There have been consistent benchmarks of development and magnificence set by Kerala across a range of fields. It is my wish for the Kerala people and the province to continue to rise higher than ever, making India proud of their dedication to the state.
  • A very happy Kerala Piravi to all the people of Kerala because without the support of the people, the state’s dignity, heritage, and culture couldn’t have been preserved!

kerala piravi day photos

  • With its extraordinary geographical features, rich social tradition and history, Kerala is arguably the world’s most beautiful and fascinating land. Kerala Piravi was commended today for its excellence.
  • Let’s celebrate Kerala piravi dinam with joy and happiness
  • For all the Malayalis who love Kerala, it is a big day! It’s Kerala’s birthday today.
  • The place of intensity, where knowledge and adoration is abundant, the best state in your entire nation – Kerala, the country of divine beings. Wishing you an extremely happy Kerala Piravi Day!

Kerala Piravi Day

Kerala Piravi Day Rituals

Keralans or Kerala peoples dress traditionally on this day, with women wearing Kerala saris and Settu Mundus, and men wearing dhotis and shirts.

Malayala Bhasha Varams, or language-based contests, are organized by educational institutions and organizations that also hold debates, skits, dramas, and quiz competitions to promote Kerala’s culture and heritage.

Additionally, the President’s Trophy Boat Race in Kollam is also organized on November 1 and is also part of the Champion’s Boat League.

To spread awareness about Kerala’s history and customs, Malayalees celebrate the state’s birthday with great dedication and splendor

History and Significance of Kerala Piravi Day

  • Malabar, Cochin, and Travancore were independent provinces of Kerala before the state was united.
  • Kerala’s northern territories were included in the Malabar Presidency – Thalassery, Kannur, and Kasaragod. The Middle section was governed by the princely state of Cochin, while the southern section was governed by the state of Travancore.
  • Following India’s independence and its partition into India and Pakistan in 1947, Travancore and Cochin were combined on November 01, 1949, becoming Travancore-Cochin (Thiru-Kochi). Further on the reorganization of the state on a linguistic basis was prompted by a movement called Aikya Kerala Movement.
  • As a result, South Madras, Travancore-Cochin and Kasaragod taluks merged into Kerala on November 01, 1956, along with the Malabar district of Madras.

Here I have shared exclusive information about Kerala Piravi Day to remind the beautiful memories, profound history, and colorful dreams of the past. Have a fantastic Kerala Piravi celebration!

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