IRS Tax Refund Status: Check if your return is accepted or not!

One who e-file for the 2022 Tax Return can check its status by visiting the official website webportal of Internal Revenue Service, which is accessible at Windows for e-filing was activated from 23 January to 18 April 2023. 9 out of 10 tax return filers have already received their return vai direct deposit or check by May 2023. 

IRS Tax Refund Status

Those who filed to tax return electronically on or before the due date and claimed the CTC i.e. Child Tax Credits are yet to receive their refund. As per IRS’ official, any tax returns which are e-filed are issued within 21 days, whether one has opted for an option to get via direct deposit or check. If you have e-filed your tax return and approximately 3 weeks has passed since the e-filing date, and have not yet received the result, then he/she can track its status by visiting at

To check the IRS Tax Return Status, the Internal Revenue Service has introduced two platforms, which are Where My Refund? tool IRS2Go mobile application, to track the e-filing refund an individual will have to provide Social Security Number and other basic details such as refund amount, tax year, filing status, etc,. Only those can federal tax return, it is mandatory to have passed at least 24 hours since the filing refund electronically.

How to check the IRS Tax Return Status?

To check the 2022 Tax Return status, one has to go through the step-by-step instructions available below.

1). Go to, the only official website of the Internal Revenue Service. 

2). On the IRS’ webportal, you will find an option that reads Get Your Refund Status under the section of the ‘How can we help you?’, tap on it.

3). Post tapping on the above mentioned option, you will find an option of ‘Check Your Refund’, click on it.

4). Enter the basic details such as Social Security Number, Tax Year, Refund Amount, Filing Status, etc, and then tap on the Submit button.

IRS Tax Refund Status

When will I get my IRS 2022 Tax Return?

It depends on the tax return filing method how fast one’s tax refund is issued, usually refunds are issued within 3 weeks, which are e-filed, it takes more than usual time, when there is any error on the one’s documents. If you have applied for a tax deadline extension and e-filed return recently, then you will get your refund within 21 days. After e-filing for tax return, it is processed within 4 days, and it takes 6 to 7 days to be accepted and then within 10 days refunds are issued, direct deposits are received faster than the check, if you have chosen this option then surely you will get your refund earlier than expected date.

What if I don’t get an IRS Tax Return by the due date? 

In case one don’t get the tax return by the due date, he/she will have to check the filing status first of all, if the return is accepted and not yet received then you will have contact the customer support, they will listen your problems and understand it, after which, you problem will be resolved. After checking the IRS Tax Return status, if you come to know that your e-filing is rejected then you have to file it electronically again, the last date to file a refund in the extension deadline.

In order to get updated information regarding the IRS Tax Refund Status, all the e-filers are requested to keep his/her eyes on the official website of the Internal Revenue Service and make sure to subscribe to push notification.

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