IRS Free File: e-File your Tax Return to get it via Direct Deposit or Check!

Last date to e-file tax return is 16 October 2023, one who paid tax last year and not yet filed for refund electrically, he or she can do it online through the Internal Revenue Service’s recommended web-based tool for free, one need to know to file tax return electronically through the IRS Free File tool, an individual will must have basis details and required documents ready, to get more details about it scroll down.

IRS Free File

Two tools of IRS Free File are Guided Tax Preparation and Fillable Forms. The first one is for those whose AGI is equal to or below $73,000, whose AGI is above this amount will have to e-File for the tax return using the second tool. You need to know that it is easier to use the Guided Tax Preparation tool, because at the time of filing a tax return, one doesn’t need to answer the basic questions, do the maths, etc, but for Fillable Forms, one has to do all these works manually.

Where’s My Refund?

IRS Tax return delay

IRS Tax Return Status

Who can use the IRS Free File?

Anyone who lives in the Territory of the United States and paid the tax in the year 2022 can use the IRS Free File tool in order to e-File for the tax refund to get it via direct deposit or physical check. To file tax return electronically using any of the IRS Free File tool such as Guided Tax Preparation or Fillable Forms, an individual will have to provide details such as Social Security Number, Adjusted Gross Income, Income statements like W2s or 1099s, etc, so make sure to be ready with all these before sittin to e-file and get return.

IRS Free File

How to file a tax return using the IRS Free File?

In order to file a tax return electronically using the Internal Revenue Service Free File, you have to go through the step-by-step instructions.

1). Go to the official website of the Internal Revenue Service, which is accessible at

2). On the webportal, you have an option that reads ‘File Your Taxes for Free’ under the section of the ‘How can we help you?’, tap on it.

3). Post tapping on the above mentioned option, you will find two options: Use Free Guided Tax Preparation & Use Free File Fillable Forms, tap on the respective one.

4). Now, you will find an option of ‘Start lookup tool’ under the section of the ‘IRS Free File Online Lookup Tool’, tap on it.

5). At the end, you have to choose your Filing Status, enter age, hme address, AGI, EITC, etc, fill in login credentials and then hit the Submit button to e-file your tax return.

What after e-Filing Tax Return?

After filing for tax return electronically, you application will be processed and you will be get tax return via direct deposit or check (as per chosen method) within 3 weeks, you need to know that as per concerned officials of Internal Revenue Service, 9 out of 10 are get his or her refund amount in the maximum if 21 days, once the application is proceed, after which it gets accepted within 7 to 10 days and the refund is issued.

If an individual will file on the 1st of any month, he/she will get the refund likely on the 21st of the very same month, if the return is accepted within 14 days from the date of filing for tax return.

To get updated information regarding the Internal Revenue Service Free File tools:  Guided Tax Preparation and Fillable Forms, all the taxpayers are requested to subscribe to push notification and keep their eyes on the official website at

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