IGNOU ID Card Download by Enrollment Number, Login, PDF

After receiving confirmation of our admission to IGNOU, the first thing that comes to our minds is the identity Card that is granted by the university. It is compulsory and mandatory for all students to keep their IGNOU ID Card on them at all times while attending different events at IGNOU University. You can IGNOU ID Card Download only at their official website http://www.ignou.ac.in/.

IGNOU ID Card Download

IGNOU has made it possible for students to get their IGNOU ID Card Download in an online format, and the steps involved in doing so are quite easy to understand and carry out. It should be brought to your attention that the ID Card might be downloaded from the internet only after receiving authorization or confirmation of admission to an applied programme from IGNOU university.

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How To Download An IGNOU ID Card?

The process of downloading an IGNOU ID card does not take as much time as you might have anticipated. In order to successfully download your ID card onto your device, you will just need to follow a few simple procedures.

  • Start by visiting their main website @http://www.ignou.ac.in/.
  • Now, navigate to where you may download your ID card.
  • The form below requires a valid Username and Password combination to access.
  • Verify Captcha Code is Entering Correctly.
  • Then, just hit the Login button.
  • ID Card Download can be accessed under “Services” once logged in.
  • A PDF will be downloaded; to access your ID, enter your enrollment number where it asks for a password.

You may now access your IGNOU Digital ID Card and edit your profile information on the Profile section of your IGNOU Admission. You can either print it off or save it to your computer, smartphone, or tablet.

IGNOU ID Card Download Link

If you took admission in July 2022, January 2022, July 2021, January 2021 or July 2020, then you can get your ID by clicking the New Session ID Card Link on the main page. If you are a candidate from the previous session or the July 2019 session, you must use the older link to access your ID card download page.

To access their ID card, candidates should merely click the provided link. It’s the sole source the school endorses and distributes to all of its current students.

Physical IGNOU ID Card

If a student has taken admission through the offline mode, then they are required to collect their ID Card from the IGNOU regional centre that is responsible for their area. Additionally, the student’s identity card needs to be attested by the RC in order for it to be considered valid. If a candidate has taken an online admission in IGNOU but is having trouble downloading their ID card, they can also obtain the identity card from their RCS in the paper format if they choose to do so.

IGNOU ID Card Download

Uses Of IGNOU Identity Card

You must have your IGNOU ID with you at all times, especially for the following functions and gatherings. You should bring a copy with you to each of the IGNOU events listed below.

  1. The submission of assignments to the regional centre or study centre of IGNOU requires the presentation of a valid photo ID.
  2. Writing Final Exams at the IGNOU Exam Centre.
  3. Practical Examination
  4. IGNOU Convocation Event
  5. Counselling Sessions
  6. IGNOU Job Fair

How To Get A Duplicate IGNOU ID Card?

If a student has misplaced their IGNOU ID Card, they have the option of either submitting a request to the university’s regional centre office or downloading a new copy from the IGNOU Online Admission Portal in order to obtain a replacement card.

IGNOU ID Card Important Note

Before the first final test of the semester, we strongly advise all students to double-check their IDs for accuracy, paying special attention to the Name, Course Code, Session, etc. Your marksheet and certificate will mirror the information on your ID card, so double-check it before your first exam.

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What To Do If You Didn’t Receive The IGNOU ID Card?

Email [email protected] to acquire your ID card via online mode or lodge your complaint at the IGNOU IGRAM portal if your ID Card is not generated or available to download at the online admission portal after receiving the confirmation message or e-mail of admission from IGNOU. The students can also pick up their ID cards in person from the regional centre that serves their area.

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