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Black Adam OTT Release Date in India – Since we are all where that DC and Marvel have close competition in terms of their movie release. A great difference in their concept and the way of presenting the story attracts the audience. DC has come up with very unique stories consisting of the darkness of Joker and the favorite character of the youth that is Batsman and his vengeance. And now again because of the high expectations of the fans, DC came up with a new story with a new movie by the name of black Adam.

Black Adam OTT Release Date

The movie was released on the big screen of India on 20th October 2022.  However, depending on the appreciation of the fans for the movie, it will be decided when and OTT platform will be chosen to release the film for the ones who avoid going to the cinemas. The movie revolves around the theme that is the fight between God versus Demons. And there exists a superhuman between the two of them.

This movie is an introduction part. Keeping aside the past, the story now revolves around the present which explains the greed of humans to gain freedom from greed Basically power. The movie brings the entrance of black Adam who is believed to be a hero, a destroyer, a legend, a killer or even a villain which can only be stated by watching the movie. Black adam OTT Date – The movie is based on action in almost all the scenes. But some sarcastic and humorous moments can be found as well. The movie is about a man in ancient times who was bestowed to the powers of the Almighty God.

Black Adam on OTT

After using these powers for his vengeance, he was imprisoned and then he became Black Adam. After 5000 years were passed down, Adam was free and is now in the present day he is being challenged by the modern-day, heroes who form a justice society.

Movie Black Adam Netflix Date
Genre Superhero Action
Main Language English
Release Date 20th October 2022
Starring cast Dwayne Johnson as Black Adam

Peirce brosnan as doctor fate

OTT Platform Netflix in Hindi language as well
OTT Platform Release Date Not Officially Announced Yet
Directed By Jaume collet-Serra
Produced By DC production house
Run Time 125 Minutes
Budget 190 million dollars

Black Adam on Netflix Date

The OTT rights of this movie will be provided to Netflix and will be available in Hindi language as well on the OTT platform. So, all the fans who are waiting for the movie to be released on OTT platform have to wait because the official release date or any platform has not been decided by the producers of the movie but it has been expected that movie could be released on OTT Platform in the last week of November 2022 depending upon the reactions of fans about the movie in theatres because the movie which performs well in theatre takes time to be released on OTT. Many fans have already watched the movie on the big screens and some of the fans are waiting for the movie to be released on the OTT Platform because of the network and technology.

Black Adam OTT Release
Black Adam OTT Release

There was a very mixed kind of review from the audience who saw the movie on the big screens during the release days. They stated that the people who are superhero fans and love action movies will find the movie very interesting. The critic viewers who have a higher level of expectation from the movie seemed to be very disappointed but still as a neutral audience It came out to be noted that the movie does not disappoint everyone.

Black Adam Hindi OTT Date

Also, some viewers suggested that the movie does not end on the first part and will be disclosed during the end creating excitement for the release of the second part of the movie Black Adam among the audience. The viewers also comment on the great work done by Dwayne Johnson the main hero of the movie. Where else the fans also gave some negative remarks that the plot of the story that it was not too impressive the subplots were missing in the movie like showing the negative side of the main hero that is black Adam.

And also, the movie only based on action saw some other emotions that could connect with the audience missing from the movie. The movie black Adam an American superhero film by the DC comics which written by Adam Sztykeil, rory heines, Sohrab noshirvani and directed by Jaume collet-serra who has also given many blockbusters to big cinemas over the past years. The movie produced by beau Flynn, Hiram Garcia, Dany Garcia and Dwayne Johnson. It a DC production house movie. The cinematography amazingly carried out by Mr. Lawrence sheer. The movie edited and brought on the big screen for the audience by Michael L sale and john lee.

Black Adam OTT Date in Hindi

The movie was released by keeping in mind the trade profit it could have earned due the festive season holidays, hence was released on the big screen the next day of Diwali. The movie managed to earn a good profit I the box office collection. The film was able to make more than 25 million dollars on an opening day and also the movie earned more than 70 million dollars other nations other than America.

Black Adam OTT Watch online

It also categorized as one of the highest opening weekend movies world-wide. The movie has a budget of around 190 million dollars. And able make a good box office collection of more than 350 million dollars all over the world leaving a good mark on the minds of the audience.

The roles played by many talented actor and the audience have really appreciated their hard work. Here the list of all the start cast along with their roles in the movie:

  • Dwayne Johnson as Black Adam
  • Aldis Hodge as leader of the justice society
  • Noah cantenio as young member of the justice society.
  • Sarah shahi as the university professor
  • Marwan kenzari as the last descendent
  • Quintessa sindwell as young member of the justice society
  • Mohammad Amer
  • Peirce brosnan as doctor fate
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