Natural Resource

Soil Types

In Kathua and Jammu mainly alluvial soils are found, which are loamy with little clay content and contain small quantity of lime with high magnesium content.

There are three parallel belts widely apart from Forest and Hill soils, one stretching from Poonch to Kathua in Jammu province second North West of Jhelum valley in Kashmir province and the third belt stretching from south eastern part of Ladakh range. The soils are generally mixed with pebbles.

In southern part of Udhampur and Doda district brown soil under Deciduous Forest are found. Colour of the soil is dark-brown and varies from dry loams to silt loams with gravels in a small percentage.

In middle Ladakh range two isolated patches (one in Ladakh and another in Doda district) of Podzolised soil occur over a long stretch.

In Poonch, Udhampur and Anantnag district sub-mountain soils are mainly found. In the valley this soil is cultivated intensively and rice is the main crop.

(Data Source: Directory of Lakes and Water Bodies of J&K State, 2012)



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