Management Principles

Disaster Management Principles

Jammu and Kashmir is one of the most vulnerable states of India and has a long history of loss of life and property due to various disasters. The State experiences several disasters of recurrent nature that result in loss of life, livelihood and properties. Such events not only disrupt economic activity but also cause immense hardship to the affected population. The changing climate has already shown its signs in the form of extreme weather conditions which have been further aggravated by many ill practices resulting in deforestation and environmental degradation. The State which was famous for its mighty glaciers is now experiencing a recession of the same.

The State has also witnessed unplanned and ill-planned development practices leading to enhanced vulnerabilities to floods, etc. The State is fast losing its traditional practices especially with regard to construction work and heritage. The recent disaster events witnessed in the State have hown the enhanced socio-economic and physical vulnerabilities and have taught many lessons.

Lack of a well-established institutional mechanism and techno-legal regime at the state level, at present, is leading to an unprofessional approach towards managing disasters. It is in this context that the Government has recognized the need to have a proactive and comprehensive approach towards disaster management at the State and lower levels.


The aim of the Policy is mainstreaming Disaster Risk Reduction into all the developmental initiatives to ensure sustainability of investments and minimizing the losses due to disasters by taking all necessary measures.

  • To institutionalize Disaster Risk Reduction into governance as envisaged in Disaster Management Act, 2005 and National Disaster Management Policy, 2009
  • To promote and mainstream DRR into developmental planning
  • To build capacities and promote effective institutional mechanisms for mainstreaming DRR
  • To promote community-based DRR to reduce vulnerabilities and effective responses through awareness-generation and capacity-building
  • To promote research and development for Disaster Risk Reduction through appropriate disaster prevention, mitigation and preparedness measures and strategies
  • To develop mechanism for an effective, well coordinated and timely response system
  • To establish a framework for post-disaster recovery and reconstruction.

(Data Source: J&K State Disaster Management Policy 2011)


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