Wildlife Act

J&K Wildlife Protection Act

The Jammu and Kashmir wildlife (Protection) act was enacted in 1978 to meet the objectives contained therein. Since the creation of full-fledged department of Wildlife Protection, in 1982 the state government has taken as series of major for conservation of forest/ protected areas and the wildlife therein. The state government has not notified about 16000 sq. kms as the protected area network (PAN) which is being managed through anti poaching/ anti grazing activities, habitat management, plantation, soil and water conservation, fire protection, development of infrastructure, providing supplemental feed etc. prior to this J&K Game Preservation Department has been created under Game Preservation Act, 1942 to protect and preserve the Game "In the state" which include the few species of wild animals and birds considered to be important from hunting point of view as a sport. The state has amended the J&K wildlife protection act of 1978 on the lines of Indian wildlife protection act 1972. The schedule have been revised and now there is complete ban on hunting and no. on endangered species of wild animals and plants have been brought to the Schedule-I and Schedule-IV of the act to afford them utmost protection. Apart from this wild plants have also been brought within the preview of this act.

Functions and Responsibilities

  • Management and Habitat improvement of Protected Areas
  • Law enforcement/ Wildlife Crime check
  • Wildlife Management plans Formulation and implement thereof
  • Captive breeding, Zoos and Zoological parks
  • Research and training programmes
  • Species recovery programmes

(Data Source: Annual Administration Report, J&K Forest Dept. 2010-11)


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